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January 11, 2006

H-Lounge Announces Debut of

Gives New Depth to Online Social Networking With Ability to Make and Share Music

H-Lounge, the online social networking site for making and sharing music, today announced its formal company and Web site debut. H-Lounge offers not only a place to meet people and listen to music, but also the opportunity to create and collaborate with fellow H-Loungers of all ages via web and mobile phone using the award-winning Hyperscore® software for music composition. (Editors' Note: See 1/11/06 release titled " Announces Hyperscore Ringtone Competition Judged by U2's Edge and MIT Luminaries.")

As the most connected young generation in history surges onto the Internet in record numbers, they are defining a new social currency by which to be measured -- their worth to the online communities in which they participate. Social networking sites allow these content creators and consumers to hook up with friends, find dates, converse, and share music, pictures and videos. But as these sites compete for breadth, one has responded differently -- with depth. H-Loungers start out by choosing a comic-book like avatar that can be upgraded through site use, size of fan base, amount of music made, or just how talkative they are. Using Hyperscore®, H-Loungers can make and publish their own musical creations, attract fans, collaborate on music, and fight for position in the top ten. Music can be sent to mobile phones as ringtones, and the most popular music is featured not only all over the site, but also ringing from the phones of H-Loungers across the US.

"The community is a new generation known for being highly creative, expressive and technological -- and using the Internet and cell phones on a daily basis," said Richard Resnick, CEO, H-Lounge. "The site isn't developed for just a passing profile and conversation. It pushes the envelope by offering not only a place to listen to music, but to also create, collaborate, and hang out with fellow H-loungers via web and mobile phone."

About Hyperscore®

Using Hyperscore®, the easiest do-it-yourself groove-writing software on the planet, H-loungers can make and share their own musical creations. H-Lounge's flagship product, Hyperscore®, is the first application that realizes the Company's vision of fostering a complete musical and artistic online community.

A graphical music composition tool, Hyperscore®, allows people of all ages to compose without being able to read a single note. H-loungers simply draw lines of various colors and shapes across a computer screen and create music in a variety of styles by making short musical "motives" and "drawing" them onto a sketchpad with colored pens. By adjusting line shapes, lengths, colors and positions, they can readily produce melodies, choose harmonies, control tempo, and more. Hyperscore® lets users play the piece, tinker with variations, upload it to to share with others, or send it to their mobile phone as a ringtone. Each custom ringtone upload costs $2.

H-Lounge's founders developed Hyperscore® through the MIT Media Lab's Toy Symphony Project, an international music performance and education project that empowers children and adults to realize modes of musical creativity and expression using new concepts and technologies.

About H-Lounge

H-Lounge is part of Harmony Line, Inc., a company devoted to bringing out the musical creativity in everyone. Harmony Line, Inc. is a Delaware C-Corp established in 2004. Unlike other social networking sites, isn't simply a site developed for a passing profile and conversation. The site offers a new mode of self-expression, which provides young computer surfers and casual musicians alike an invaluable opportunity to make and share their own music using Hyperscore®, the easiest do-it-yourself groove-writing software on the planet. Founded by Tod Machover, Professor of Music and Media at MIT and a celebrated composer/inventor, and his team at the MIT Media Lab, the Company launched H-Lounge in late 2005.


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