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Cannibal Kid
Country: ITALY

About Cannibal Kid:
I make instrumental tracks, basically hip-hop and electro, and i colab with artists of any kind of music, from rock to pop to rap.
If you want to colab with me, or if you want a remix for your songs, just write me a message.

New songs added: 'Only 17' raps & lyrics by 300%, music by Cannibal Kid; the remix i made for Spellbox, "Smoke that herb" and the remix of "My World" by Cubworld.
"Do what you want" raps & lyrics by THF - The Hustler, music by Cannibal Kid, "Swagger", raps & lyrics by Jay of THF, music by Cannibal Kid.
Enjoy the tracks...


Kiss on the CheekBathtime Duckie
Net Worth: 14,400  Loungecakes


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