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About lil mo:
I'm a "17" years old rapper of South Carolina.I started rappin when I was "10" years old.The only thing I was doin was freestylin most of the time.It just be me and my family.I started written when I was "16" years old.Right now I'm trying to get the right people to hear my music for I can let the whole world to hear me.I got what it take.That's why "I'm ready to make a move".I like to write that's just what I do.The person who really got me started on this rap game is my big couzo "Bigg Gripp" AKA "Country Boy".As everything get straight we gone make sure the world hear us.If we got to put double work into,if that's what we got to do then we gone do it.I don't care how long it take for me to get to the top.Everyday I'm pushin myself to the max.It aint no stoppin that ya feel me.This everyday life aint gettin no better but I'm keep pushin ya feel me.If you really want to know about my life just know"I'm always stressin for paper that's why prices stay on my head".My CO-CEO Lil Pic done let me know that I can make it ya feel me.As long as my people by my side I know I can make it,like my girl JESIRAY,Rock,Lil Ace,Bigg Gripp AKA Country Boy,my God Daugther Shakria,my Big Bubba T.J,Metria,Brittany,Dana,my uncle Danny R.I.P,Devon,Dukey,Steveo,Chill Will,my aunt Cathy R.I.P,my MOMA,Man my whole family ya feel me.

Website: http://DOGAZZNIGGA

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