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Curse Your Name

About Curse Your Name:
From bucolic North Carolina surfaces a hard rock band that has achieved the unthinkable. Curse Your Name (formerly known as Cynder) has begun to realize its dream, and has garnished name recognition the world over. CYN is a 6-piece unit that knows no boundaries when it comes to climbing to the top. Formed in 1998, CYN has overcome trials and tribulations as they slowly climbed the ranks in the local music scene. Their unique and inventive musical style, while dark and melancholy, also has a positive undertone of hope and power hidden within. The world of CYN is brought to life in full, vivid color to the listener through the searing guitar leads of J.J. Moore; the relentless brain-bashing drum work of Brandon Alford; the churning guitars of Robert Jones; fretboard-encompassing bass lines delivered by John Ward; the powerful, multi-faceted vocals of Ryan Camp; and the dynamically entrancing keys and samples brought by Mike Lawrence. This is not a band that relies solely on one type of sound; its all over the radar, ranging from slow and psychotically peaceful melodies to fast-paced and aggressive chaos. Over the last two years, the current line up of CYN has been tearing up regional crowds, and released three self-produced CDs, including the seminal Hide the Light (2003), and has sparked rabid fans worldwide (self-proclaimed CYNners). The biggest event for CYN was their selection to take part in the nationwide band competition, MTV's Battle For Ozzfest and eventually took 2nd.


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