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About ProTrackEnt:
The independant label was founded late in 2003' by MC/producer/CEO,Eddie Chevalier aka 100 Proof and MC/co-CEO,Kevin Lugo aka Straight-4-Word.

Pro-Track Entertainment is a hiphop oriented label, with an array of deadly producers and razor sharp MC's. Hailing from out the Lynn, MA area, Pro-Track provides a distinct sound which is a direct representation of the daily trials and tribulations present in our urban reality.THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN FEEL PEOPLE!!! Releasing a geniune product, that consists of real life experiences is always a priority when it comes to the Pro-Track artists.

THIS IS THE STREETS FOLKS, and we plan on representing them, THE RIGHT WAY!!! So, whether it be the positive,negative or neutral issues we deal with everyday in our given environment, you can guarantee that Pro-Track Ent. will always paint a vivid image of our reality for YOU, our listeners.

SLEEPING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!!! Keep it locked people, Pro-Track Ent is here to remain as an aspiring force in the northeast's underground & hiphop scene...


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