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About jrrockefeller:
“Singer/ Pianist: J. R. ROCKEFELLER"
Currently, J. R. Rockefeller is sitting on top of the world. Firstly, he is CEO of DreamCast Entertainment. Secondly, returning back home to the Big Apple from New Jersey, he runs and operates his business at a very prestigious midtown Manhattan office located inside Rockefeller Plaza Center. His message is very clear: "The Best Revenge is Success."
His upcoming single "Come In to My World," due to be released in 2007, is already driving the ladies crazy. In addition, he currently has a book deal, The Daniel Diet, (a book that helps get rid of acne and weight-loss) which is scheduled for release November 16, 2007.
“Who Knew"

In 2000, J. R. Rockefeller took the role of Executive Producer of a movie, entitled, One Punch, which featured Evander Holyfield, Coco from SWV and Michael Grant. "I was at a Wyclef Jean's birthday party, and I was introduced to the script writer of One Punch and before I knew it, I was Executive Producer. Truth be told, I had no idea what an Executive Producer does. The title "Executive Producer" just sounded so damn good. My pocket learned very quickly though. Holifield, Michael Grant, and Coco were a real blast to work with. And even though the movie One Punch hasn't been released yet, I had the time of my life working on that project."


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